Monday, July 20, 2015

Only God Is Supreme

This has certainly been an interesting week in the political and legal world.  There has been no shortage of debate and discussion throughout our land regarding the latest ruling handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

A very good friend of mine, whom God has gifted with the ability to write amazing poetry, sent me the following poem.  With his permission, it has been copied below.

For those who hold to a Biblical world-view, this poem will be encouraging.  For those who are struggling, remember:  God is Sovereign and nothing and no one will ever overrule Him.

Thank you, Bob West, for sharing your gift of poetry with us and for reminding us of Who, exactly, is the Supreme Judge.

By His Grace,
Dr. Gary T. Dromi

Our Beliefs Under Attack, So Painful And So Loud
 Newest On That List Prospered The LGBT Crowd
 Lesbian And Gay And Bisexual And Transgender
You Christians, Hear Us, “Shut-up And Surrender!”
Guessing You Noticed There’s Trouble In The Wind
Oh, But That All Started Back When Adam Sinned
 Do Not Be Fearful Of These New Laws Of The Land
 It Might Appear Chaotic, But Nothing’s Out Of Hand
 Someone Resides Over Those Nine Errant “Judges”
 Someone Unmoved By Man’s Schemes And Fudges
Ultimate Authority Is Neither Appointed Nor Elected
 Preeminence Is The Creator’s, Embraced Or Rejected
 Redefining Marriage Through Their Worldly Opinion
 Exposes The Court’s Ignorance Of Sovereign Dominion
Members Of The Court, Are You In Denial Or Fooled?
 Expect That Your Decision Was Divinely Overruled!